[mini-REVIEW] Maris Black: SSU Boys // #1 Pinned

Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

On his first day of college, all Jeremy Miller can think about is getting away from his hellish home life, making the wrestling team, and finally getting a real boyfriend. He's sick to death of being used by closeted football players who are too afraid to admit they like guys. What he doesn’t count on is losing his mind over the gorgeous, golden-eyed wrestling captain who needs to keep their attraction a secret at all costs.

After earning a full-ride wrestling scholarship and getting accepted into an elite sports medicine program, Beck thinks he's got it made. Now he's a favorite for the national championship in his weight class. Life has never been sweeter or more predictable. Never mind that he’s gay and wishing he didn’t have to hide it. There will be plenty of time for a social life after graduation. Until then, he doesn’t need anything to get in the way of his big plans, and that includes the adorable little wrestler who’s got him all tied up in knots.

Recht solide, aber leider nichts Besonderes. Bisweilen leider seltsam unlogisch agierende Protagonisten, die das Gesamtbild ein wenig unstimmig werden lassen. Dennoch eine ganz nette Lektüre für zwischendurch. Aber in meinen Augen eben nicht wirklich ein Highlight, dessen Preis in der Höhe gerechtfertigt wäre.

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