[mini-REVIEW] Amy Jo Cousins: Five Dates

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Helping his sister Lucy raise her kid has put Devin’s love life on hold. When he loses a bet to her and the penalty is to go out on five dates with men she’s chosen from Guys4Guys.com, he thinks that’s bad enough. Finding out she used a thirteen-year-old picture of him to score a date with a young guy who looks like a rock star? Epically bad.

Jay thought he wanted to fall for an older man. But his last boyfriend left him feeling humiliated and determined to stick to guys his own age. When he realizes he’s been conned into a date with exactly the kind of man he’s sworn to avoid, he’s ready to walk away on the spot. Only Devin’s swift apologies convince Jay to accept dinner to make up for the deception.

“The date doesn’t count for the bet unless you get a goodnight kiss.” After one not-a-date dinner with Jay, Devin isn’t worried about his sister’s rules. He just wishes he could convince Jay to go out with him for real. Jay wants no part of Devin, but Devin wants every part of Jay . . . so he asks Jay to help update his look for the rest of his dates. But once Jay’s made Devin over into the perfect date, will he be able to let him go? 

Fluffig-knuffige kleine Geschichte für zwischendurch. Humorvoll und liebenswert und einfach wunderbar für die kleine Leseflaute hin und wieder. Authentische Protagonisten und eine Story, die ich gerne gelesen habe. Alles in allem - ein empfehlenswertes Buch, das dadurch, dass es (derzeit) kostenlos ist, eindeutig ganz schnell herunter geladen werden sollte!

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